Improving the nutritional health level of citizens and reducing the rates of malnutrition and chronic diseases related to food, and the security and safety of circulated and consumed food through:

-Conducting scientific research in various fields (medical, laboratory and food) in order to identify nutritional problems.

- Conducting applied research according to health requirements and problems.

- Early diagnosis of malnutrition diseases through general and specialized clinics at the Institute.

- Providing training and consulting services related to food  and nutrition for different sectors.

- Conducting quality control analyzes of some special foods before they are approved for circulation.

- Developing human cadres and raising the level of researchers.

- Attention to spreading proper nutritional awareness, whether in health or disease.

- Contribute to the issuance of legislation in the Egyptian and international committees of the Codex Alimentarius as a basis for food safety in Egypt.

- Scientific cooperation at the local, regional and international levels and the exchange of experiences and information.