Clinical Nurition Diploma 

What is the application deadline?

During the month of January every year.

What is the method of submission?

Apply online through the following website

The application form is downloaded from the website, filled in and sent to the following email

when we will start  ?

in March.

The submitted applications are sorted out, and the nominated trainees are contacted to do an initial test and complete the papers.

What is the duration of the study?

A full academic year.

What are study days ?

Study two days a week:

Saturday and Wednesday

or Monday and Wednesday

or tuesday and thursday.

Study method?

Study the theoretical part online through the Zoom program

Studying the practical part is required to attend the institute.
Study cost?
The cost of the full diploma is 800 Egyptian pounds
Pay in 6 installments
The value of the installment is 3300 Egyptian pounds
The first installment is paid upon completion of the registration .